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Attorney William Driscoll might be the only Massachusetts Appeals Lawyer offering sliding scale fees for appellate representation. Why does he make that offer? Because nobody should pursue an appeal without professional counsel. Call (978-846-5184) to learn more about his Massachusetts Appellate Access to Justice services.

Massachusetts & Federal Appeals

Appellate Solutions

Appellate experience provides clarity and enhanced legal analysis. Attorney Driscoll regularly practices in the Massachusetts Appeals Court and Supreme Judicial Court. He knows what judges want, how they think, and how to effectively communicate your case.

Attorney Driscoll handles a broad ranges of appellate cases, such as:

Appeals are very procedural and time sensitive, beginning with the filing of a notice of appeal. Contact (978-846-5184) Attorney Driscoll for an assessment of your case.

Massachusetts & Federal Gun Law

Solving Firearm Issues

A complex maze of State and federal gun laws create risk. William Driscoll is a gun lawyer who advises firearm owners, FFL gun dealers, curio & relic collectors (FFL C&R), and others who find themselves involved with any legal issue involving ammunition or a gun.

Attorney Driscoll handles a wide range of legal issues and Second Amendment claims including, but not limited to:

Proactive Second Amendment solutions are best. But if an unexpected issue does arises then contact (978-846-5184) Attorney Driscoll immediately.

Other services: Mediation and Amateur Radio Law

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