Does the physical location of an appellate attorney matter?

No. An appeal is nothing like what you experienced in the trial court. You likely met with your trial lawyer frequently and had several trial court hearings before trial. On appeal there is rarely a need to meet with appellate counsel and there is usually only one hearing, oral argument, which you do not even need to attend.

Your trial lawyer assembled the facts and devising a strategy for presenting those facts to a judge or jury. Your frequent input was required. But an appeal is a retrospective review of what occurred in the trial court. The written trial transcript is the primary source of information on appeal. Appellate attorney-client contact is chiefly handled by telephone or email.

Appellate practice is statewide, and at times nationwide. There is no convenient physical location for all clients. There simply is no need to pass along to the client the overhead expense required for big firm or trial attorney brick-and-mortar office space.

Appellate Attorney William Driscoll provides a "virtual office" from which he serves his client throughout Massachusetts and across the nation. Client meetings are arranged at a mutually agreeable location, including in Boston. He also offers meetings by telephone. You will always talk directly with Attorney Driscoll, not an associate, because you hire him to handle all aspects of your appeal.

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