How much will an appeal cost me?

The ultimate cost of an appeal depends on a number of factors, including:

  • • Your position in the lower court (e.g., in the trial court).

  • • Whether you won or lost in the lower court.

  • • Whether there is a cross appeal (i.e., if parties are appealing the lower court decision).

  • • The length of the hearings, including trial, to be transcribed.

  • • The factual density of your case.

  • • The complexity of the issues your appeal presents.

  • • Whether either party ultimately seeks direct or further appellate review.

Appellate Attorney William Driscoll offers a staged approach. He first reviews the available documents and discusses the case with his client and, when available, their trial attorney. This initial review provides some insight into the potential issues for appeal and general cost estimate. For information about your appeal, please contact Attorney Driscoll for a consultation.

More answers to frequently ask questions about appeals are available on this website. If you have additional questions, or are ready to proceed with your appeal, call Appellate Attorney William Driscoll at 978-846-5184.