Massachusetts Civil Appeal Attorney

Civil appeals involve issues seeking to resolve personal rights or responsibilities. Attorney Driscoll handles a wide ranges of civil appellate cases, statewide, including:

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An appeal is not a new trial and it is nothing like what you experienced in the trial court. For all practical purposes, there is no new evidence on appeal. When your case moves from the trial court to the appellate court you need need a different type of lawyer, an appellate lawyer.

An appeal determines whether what occurred in the trial court was fair, whether the evidence was legally sufficient to justify the outcome, and whether the law was correctly interpreted in the trial court. The written brief is the primary form of argument on appeal.

Drafting an appellate brief requires an extreme attention to detail, large blocks of time, keen legal research and writing skill. Attorney Driscoll regularly practices in the Massachusetts Appeals Court and Supreme Judicial Court. He knows what appellate judges seek and how to effectively communicate his client's case.

Appeals are very procedural and time sensitive, beginning with the filing of a timely and proper notice of appeal. An appeal offers a last opportunity to litigate a case before the judgment becomes final. You may need to challenge a judgment, defend a judgment, or both (i.e., cross-appeal). The key is identifying viable issues for appeal, a task requiring appellate experience. If the case is worth an appeal then it is worth engaging experienced appellate counsel.