Massachusetts Cyber Appeal Attorney

Cyber law otherwise known as “internet law” is the area of law that regulates how people use the internet. There are cyber laws that are criminal laws and there are cyber laws that are civil laws. Any law or regulation that involves how people use or abuse computers, smartphones, the internet and other related technology is cyber law.

  • • Contract and Employment Law
  • • Internet Blackmail
  • • Computer Crime
  • • Cyber Bullying
  • • Cyber Crime
  • • Cyber Liability
  • • Cyber Security and Data Privacy
  • • Data and Privacy Breach
  • • Identity Theft
  • • Internet Defamation
  • • Fraud
  • • Freedom of Speech
  • • Cyber Harassment and Cyber Stalking
  • • Nonconsentual Pornography
  • • Cyber Privacy
  • • Revenge Porn
  • • Sexting

An appeal is a review of what occurred in during the trial court litigation to ensure that "fairness" resulted. The decision to appeal is simple. But the decision to then enter the appeal in the appellate court should be an informed decision by an experienced appellate attorney.

Before practicing law, Attorney William Driscoll achieved award-winning notoriety in the field of cyber security operational research and development. He created zero-tolerance solutions to complex real-time electronic system and communication problems. His expertise included electronic device internals analysis, design, software development, and implementation. Topics included covert communication, communications protocol analysis, cryptography, intrusion detection and obfuscation.