Massachusetts Firearm License Attorney

MA Gun License Denied, Suspended, or Revoked?

Your gun license and Second Amendment rights can be denied, suspended, or revoked for a variety of reasons (including by error). There are issues that can cause you to be labeled a prohibited person under federal law and issues leading to Massachusetts disqualification.

The question becomes, can the impediment causing the loss of your license be cured? To find out, Contact Attorney Driscoll (978-846-5184).

Second Amendment Privileges Can Be Restored

Are the records correct? Sometimes the government makes errors. Correcting those errors can be burdensome, but achievable. Sometimes an administrative waiver will clear the air. However you may need to fight for the reinstatement of Second Amendment rights in court.

There can be any number of Massachusetts or federal government agencies responsible for your gun license disqualification. You may need a record correction or a petition for relief.

The Massachusetts Firearm Licensing Board (FLRB) can review one misdemeanor conviction. But only certain misdemeanors and then only after the passage of five years.

A petition for judicial review can be pursued in court. If that petition is denied, Attorney Driscoll can pursue your Second Amendment rights to the highest levels. But your petition must be filed within ninety days of the denial, suspension, or revocation of your Massachusetts firearms license. Otherwise you will need to reapply for a gun license and appeal if that application is denied.

As you can see, there are options. Attorney Driscoll will review your situation and explain your options. As a gun law lawyer, Attorney Driscoll can deal with a broad range of legal issues related to ammunition and firearms. To learn more, contact 978-846-5184 Attorney Driscoll.