Massachusetts Machine Gun License Attorney

Massachusetts Heavily Regulates Ammunition & Guns

In order to carry or possess a machine gun in Massachusetts, a special Class 3 license is required. It is sometimes referred to as a "green card" due to its appearance.

To qualify for a machine gun license the applicant must possess a Massachusetts License to Carry (LTC) and be either a firearm instructor certified by the municipal police training committee for the sole purpose of firearm instruction to police personnel or a bona fide collector of firearms.

The procedure for obtaining a Massachusetts machine gun license can be found at G. L. c. 140, § 131 (for a resident) or G. L. c. 140, § 131F (for a non-resident). But there is a maze of additional laws and statutes that must be followed to avoid criminal activity, which is harshly punished in Massachusetts.

Do you seek to apply for a Massachusetts machine gun license, challenge the denial of a machine gun license, or wish to reinstate your machine gun rights? Do you seek to learn how to avoid criminal behavior? Contact 978-846-5184 Massachusetts gun law Attorney William Driscoll to learn how he can assist you. Remember, Second Amendment rights are a terrible thing to lose!