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Interstate Firearm Transportation

The rules governing transportation of firearms are tricky, and often open to interpretations that make simple explanations futile. There are State and federal gun laws to consider, which can be conflicting. There is also the issue of State firearm permit reciprocity.

Federal law for interstate transportation of firearms generally provides that if you are prohibited from transporting, shipping, or receiving a gun then you are entitled to to do so if you are entitled to possess the gun in the state you began and your destination. But there are many specific rules that must be followed.

The issue is much more complex when you seek to fly or mail or currier a gun. What you can do depends on whether the gun is a handgun, rifle, shotgun, or an "Title II" firearm (e.g., machine gun, short-barreled rifle, short-barreled shotgun, suppressor, or an "any other weapon").

You are not just charged with just any crime, you are facing a gun crime. Why wouldn't you seek out a criminal defense lawyer focused on gun law?

Attorney Driscoll keeps abreast of changes in Massachusetts and federal firearm laws. He deciphers the conflicts between them and examines minute details in the gun laws. Meticulous preparation and review of the facts alleged and the extensive body relevant gun law available is necessary to break down the prosecutor's case.

No two gun cases are the same. Identifying and challenging the most minute details can change the outcome of your case. Protect yourself and your future. Call (978-846-5184) Appeals Attorney William Driscoll to learn more.