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MA Second Amendment Appeal Lawyer

Attorney William Driscoll is passionate about protecting the liberties that made America great. One key liberty is the exercise of the Second Amendment. Call 978-846-5184 Attorney Driscoll to learn more.

A firearm is a highly regulated piece of property governed by conflict and complex State and federal gun laws. Small mistakes can result in arrest for a gun crime. Those who legally possess a firearm is inherently law-abiding, or else they would not be locally or federally prohibited regardless of the Second Amendment. The problem is that gun owners often are not familiar with the maze of gun laws and regulations. Second Amendment rights can be lost, forever!

There are a host of legal actions that can result from the use or storage of a firearm. A couple of the many legal categories which gun law touches include personal injury or property damage or the probate and inheritance of a firearm. You may be involved in a "lawful shooting," for which a civil lawsuit is inevitable. The sale or transfer, transpiration, or shipping of a firearm can easily result in criminal charges.

There are also day-to-day issues that arise which can impact your Second Amendment Rights. Attorney Driscoll assists individuals with obtaining, retaining, and restoring Massachusetts gun licenses:

Attorney Driscoll also offers services for federal FFL Curio & Relics (C&R) License as well as with the process for adding firearms to the official federal C&R list.

Finally, should you have receive a NICS denial or delay, call (978-846-5184) Appeals Attorney William Driscoll immediately. The government makes mistakes. The NICS database can have errors. You have the right to appeal, to secure your full Second Amendment right. Attorney Driscoll corrects personal impediments and the NICS database errors.