Massachusetts Personal Injury & Property Damage Appeals Attorney

Personal injury and property damage appeals span a broad range of issues. Attorney Driscoll handles these appellate cases statewide, including:

  • Accidents: automobile, motorcycle, bicycle, boat, airplane, etc.
  • Defective Products: motor vehicle, home product, work tool, ladder, scaffolding, etc.
  • Malpractice: accountant, dental, lawyer, medical, other licensed worker.
  • Slip & Fall Accidents

Appeals are very procedural and time sensitive, beginning with the filing of a timely and proper notice of appeal. An appeal offers a last opportunity to litigate a case before the judgment becomes final. You may need to challenge a judgment, defend a judgment, or both (i.e., cross-appeal). The key is identifying viable issues for appeal, a task requiring appellate experience. If the case is worth an appeal then it is worth engaging experienced appellate counsel. Contact (978-846-5184) Appeals Attorney William M. Driscoll to learn more.

Sample: Firearms, Ammunition, or Explosives

Injury can occur from the proper and misuse of a gun, ammunition, or explosive. While the action causing the personal injury can be intentional, it can also be the result of malfunction or negligence. For example:

  • • Injury caused by a stun gun or other weapon
  • • Suicide by gun
    • Was appropriate medical case provided beforehand?
    • Should the individual have had access to a gun or ammunition?
  • • Negligence
    • Should the individual have had access to a gun?
    • Was improper supervision a factor?
    • Was the use of a gun excessive force?
    • Were alternatives available before using deadly force?
    • Is the "Castle Doctrine" or other self-defense available?
  • • Malfunction
    • Was there a manufacture's defect, in the gun or ammunition?
    • Was the firearm improperly maintained?
    • Was reloaded ammunition involved?
    • Should the individual have had access to a gun or ammunition?
    • Was improper supervision or other negligence a factor?

Attorney Driscoll keeps abreast of changes in Massachusetts and federal firearm laws. He deciphers the conflicts between them and examines minute details in the gun laws. No two gun cases are the same.