MA Probate & Family Court Appeal Attorney

Probate & Family Court judgments are life-changing. Left unchallenged, the dispute will become final or act as the baseline for future disputes. Probate and Family Court judges hear many cases every day. Mistakes are inevitable. That is why there is an appellate court.

Probate & Family Court appeals are usually fact intensive and may include expert opinion (e.g., financial, medical, psychological, or Guardian ad Litem). Information is available in the sidebar about some topics addressed in the trial court and on appeal.

Probate & family law is constantly evolving in Massachusetts, nationally, and internationally. That law touches upon a wide range of legal issues including:

  • Grandparent, parent, and children's rights
  • The "right" to financial support, including:
    • Health insurance
    • Daycare and extra-curricular activities
    • Post-secondary education
  • Travel, privacy, and religious rights
  • Business, inheritance, real estate, and other interests
  • Contract agreement, interpretation, and enforcement
  • Taxation and asset valuation
  • Civil and criminal contempt sanctions and relief

Investigate your right to appeal and to defend against your opponent's appeal before your window for relief runs closes.

Prior to focusing his practice on appellate litigation, Attorney William M. Driscoll litigated, negotiated, and mediated many Probate & Family Court cases and appeared in the various trial courts throughout Massachusetts. He knows how Probate & Family Court judges think. He even clerked for one. Attorney Driscoll uses that insight on appeal.