Services for Attorneys

Attorney William Driscoll assists other attorneys at the trial and appellate levels. After all, the best place to begin planning for an appeal is in the trial court. Everything a trial attorney does should be done with an eye toward the potential of appeal. That appeal can be brought by either side, or both sides (i.e., cross-appeals).

Before Trial

Success begins with thorough preparation. Attorney Driscoll provides an impartial analytical viewpoint, a fresh perspective, the strategic "second set of eyes.” He provides appellate-level research and analysis. He offers evidentiary reviews for completeness, and presents tactics to allow favorable evidence and reject unfavorable evidence during trial. Attorney Driscoll also handles interlocutory appeals.

At Trial

Trial lawyers are focused on the presentation of the case. A second-chair appellate attorney provides issue preservation capabilities. The most effective trial team features both kinds of lawyers, each playing to their respective strengths for the client’s benefit. Preservation of trial errors is critical for appeal. In civil cases, the waiver doctrine serves a dual purpose: it protects society's interest in the finality of its judicial decisions and promotes judicial efficiency.

On Appeal

Success on appeal requires appellate-level research, clear and concise writing, and well-reasoned legal analysis. Attorney Driscoll focuses his law practice on appellate litigation. He consults for other lawyers, drafts complex portions of appellate briefs, and provides oral argument support. Or he can handle the entire appeal.

Attorney Driscoll provides a wide range of appellate litigation services in the Massachusetts appellate courts as well as petitions for certiorari to the Supreme Court of the United States. Appellate matters are time sensitive, so do not delay.